Calhoun and Daron talk fantasy, young quarterbacks and the new found life of the Atlanta Falcons offense

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Calhoun and Daron give snap judgements & over reactions to NFL week 1.  Meanwhile the Atlanta Falcons still have the same problems from last year

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Calhoun and Daron talk Colin Kapernick. His motivations, where does he go from here and why is he not getting the support of his football brethren?

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To finish off #FalconsFootballWeek/#RiseupWeek series of #podcasts we replay one of our #epic #podcast: Episode #78  The Thomas Dimitroff Report Card.  Double R & Calhoun give their thoughts on GM Dimitroff while Daron is stuck in the unenviable position of defending Mr. Dimitroff.

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Calhoun joins us to help get ready for week 1 with thoughts on injuries and wtf was Minnesota thinking

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A parade of Falcons fans join us to give their outlook on the 2016 season

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Calhoun, Lennis F & Mario join Daron to talk about Matt Ryan.  Is he too far gone to win the big one for the Falcons?

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Happy #riseupweek  #falconsfootballweek to all our Falcons Fans.  This is the 3rd Annual Falcons football/rise up week (for those who don't know a week of Falcons related podcast to get everyone ready for Falcons football season).  As usual we start with one of our favorite running themes the 4th annual Double R and Digital Daron predict the Falcons record.  Listen to find out if we think the Falcons season will be good bad or ugly.  Remember to check out instagram, twitter  & facebook for #falconsfootballweek #riseupweek hastags to stay in the loop about Atlanta Falcons podcast

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