We talk about the firing of Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff and discus where the Falcons go from here

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September 16, 2020

Episode #312 - Who Can Wear#21


#21 is a sacred number here in Atlanta.  From Deion to Dominique few things symbolize Atlanta athletic greatness like this iconic number.  A full crew discusses who can wear it

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Welcome to #falconsfootballweek #riseupweek, a week full of Atlanta Falcons themed podcasts.  In this mini podcast, Double R and Daron predict the falcons record.  

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In part 2 of our Hall of Fame podcast, Daron, Calhoun, Lennis F. & Double R come up with a formula to determine if an athlete is a hall of famer.  

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We drop another outtakes and bloopers that contains some of our best never before/never meant to be published content.

Digital Daron Podcast

covid-19, some headscratching picks and other thoughts from the 2020 NFL draft.  

Digital Daron Podcast

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How the worldwide pandemic has affected sports now and going forward from our viewport

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A full crew (plus a special guest) talk about the falcons winning and what does it mean for the short and long term

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Breaking News: The Falcons Lose, we keep believing in them so whose the fool.

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In this bonus podcast for #falconsfootballweek #riseupweek, we string together all the best unpublished content from our falcons football week podcats

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