As always we conclude Falcons football week/ rise up week with a replay of the worst day in Atlanta sports history until they win a superbowl.  This is a replay from episode #182

F**k the Falcons, plain and simple. 

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We continue our breakdown of Thomas Dimitroffs' drafting with the God-awful 2012 Atlanta Falcons Draft


For Falcons Football Week we are doing a podcast on every draft of Thomas Dimitroff GM career. Here Calhoun, Major and Daron discuss he 2010 draft.  



Welcome to #falconsfootballweek #riseupweek, a week full of Atlanta Falcons themed podcasts.  In this mini podcast, Double R and Daron predict the falcons record.  

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In part 2 of our Hall of Fame podcast, Daron, Calhoun, Lennis F. & Double R come up with a formula to determine if an athlete is a hall of famer.  

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In a podcast from our Patreon Collection, we discuss California Prop 206, which gives NCAA players financial rights


With Cam being disrespected we talk about the lack of leeway the NFL gives black quaterbacks

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This is a #tbt podcast

Calhoun and Daron break down the NFL's Elephant in the room problem that affects every team:  Not domestic violence, alcohol or marijuana it's spending 100 million on a player who cant get you over the hump.

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In this preview podcast, with all thats going on in the NFL and more specifically the NFC South we ask the question, should the Falcons hold'em or fold'em

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covid-19, some headscratching picks and other thoughts from the 2020 NFL draft.  

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