We have a heated discussion on Roe vs Wade and the fallout from it.

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We talk the insane political climate that we experienced during the pandemic.  

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Calhoun checks in to give us a first hand account of the 2020 Atlanta riots.  

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Will Jay Z's partnership with the NFL lead to his 100th problem.

Digital Daron Podcast
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Fun rapid reaction discussion about the democratic debate day 2. Who won/who loss and is winning really WINNING.

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Calhoun stops by to talk about the stunning upset Donald Trump pulled over Hillary Clinton.  Is it really a bad thing?  Where does the country go from here?

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Calhoun and Daron talk Colin Kapernick. His motivations, where does he go from here and why is he not getting the support of his football brethren?

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Calhoun and Daron talk about the recent killings in the USA. Is it fixable and what can/needs to be done to fix the issue

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Calhoun drops in to talk about one of the most interesting events in America right now: The Presidential Election.  Are the candidates really good options or are we stuck picking the best of the worst

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Mr. MOB & Calhoun join us to talk gay marriage in the USA.  
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