We talk about the confusing Deshaun Watson/Houston Texans drama

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We believe in Terry Fontenot.... With that being said we preview his first draft

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We back in the saddle rambling about all of the sports stuff we didn't podcast about during covid

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In this mini podcast, we talk all about Julio, is impact and ranking all-time wide receiver.  

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In this remix, we talk about how Atlanta sports teams will inevitably let you down.


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We talk about the firing of Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff and discus where the Falcons go from here

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As always we conclude Falcons football week/ rise up week with a replay of the worst day in Atlanta sports history until they win a superbowl.  This is a replay from episode #182

F**k the Falcons, plain and simple. 

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We continue our breakdown of Thomas Dimitroffs' drafting with the God-awful 2012 Atlanta Falcons Draft


For Falcons Football Week we are doing a podcast on every draft of Thomas Dimitroff GM career. Here Calhoun, Major and Daron discuss he 2010 draft.  



Welcome to #falconsfootballweek #riseupweek, a week full of Atlanta Falcons themed podcasts.  In this mini podcast, Double R and Daron predict the falcons record.  

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