For Calhoun's Love Series we ask the age old question.  Whose fault is it?

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Once a month we have decided to do a podcast with our Patreon listeners where we talk about whats going on in our family's personal life.  This is a preview of the first one where we talk about the challenges of house hunting.  


Calhoun vs Valentines Day in an epic battle.  


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Calhoun drops by to talk Ayesha Curry



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Since its the season of love (or for us the season of Calhouns' Love Series) we add another volume to the collection.  Earlier this week we gave you a little salty, now Calhoun gives you a little sweet with his advice for fixing dating in 2019.

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It's that time of year again.  We add another volume to Calhoun's Love Series.  This Valentines Day we let Calhoun unload on the fairer sex and what he thinks is wrong with dating in 2019.

Digital Daron Podcast
June 4, 2018

Episode #207 - #MeToo

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Calhoun stops by to give his thoughts on the #metoo movement and the fine line between being a victim and being the woman who cried wolf.

Digital Daron Podcast

We continue with Calhouns Love Series with Calhoun, Daron and new guest Kris debating the science vs the art of finding love.

Digital Daron Podcast

We resurrect Calhouns Love series with a topic that has interested the podcast recenlty: Men Going Their Own Way

Digital Daron Podcast

We crank back up Calhouns Love Series with the effect social Media has on dating


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