August 15, 2016

Episode #152 - The D.A.T.E. Formula

Calhoun stops and helps us hash out one of our hallmark theories: The D.A.T.E. formula. How dateable is someone.  We give you a formula that helps give you their date number

D.A.T.E. # = Personality + Kids + Career/Education + Past  + Looks

Category Score Range Description
Personality 1-30 The higher the better
Kids -infinity-30 Start @ 30 and deduct 10 pts for each kid. this can be a negative # (i.e. 4 kids is a -10)
Career &/or Education 1-20 The higher the better
Past 1-15 Start @15 and deduct points accordingly
Looks 1-5 (rank from 1-10 & divide by 2 ) The higher the better

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